Human Intelligence On Demand

Generate high quality insights for your business using the power of crowdsourcing

made simple

The Crowdware Job Builder makes it easy to get your work done. Simply upload your data, choose a job template and how much you want to pay contributors, and we take care of the rest. Crowdware automatically convert your data into small jobs that can be completed by anyone with a phone.

Find the Right People

Our Smart Routing algorithm match your job to the most qualified contributors so you don’t have to. Crowdware’s contributors come from around the world and complete jobs on mobile phones so there are always people around to help you. If that wasn’t enough, all contributors are screened to make sure they can do great work.

Get High Quality
Results Fast

We don’t like waiting either and generate results in hours, not days or weeks. Our quality control features let you set up test questions and actively monitor contributor performance so you can breathe easy, knowing that your work is in safe hands. We guarantee you’ll be happy with our results or we will gladly make it right.

What We Do

Crowdware creates meaningful work for the common good. We believe in coming up with original ideas and turning them into digital work that is both innovative and measurable.


Boost customer engagement and conversions. From collecting and verifying product attributes, to labeling images, to search relevance, we can help boost sales.

Sales and Marketing

Supercharge your sales and marketing efforts using Crowdware. Find and generate leads from the web, collect data, and even do sentiment analysis.

Data Management

Use Crowdware to digitize your documents and forms, categorize your data, and maintain your databases. We can help you make sense of your information.


No matter what you need, Crowdware can help. Sign up for our beta and we will get you set up for success

Our Promise

Crowdware is on a mission to provide employment opportunities at above market wages in underdeveloped areas around the world. We believe that work is the most effective way to reduce poverty. Through sustained employment, people invest in healthier food, education, safer housing, and savings, lifting themselves and their families out of poverty.